Wood Coaster Refurbishment: 208 ReTraK

Wood Coaster RefUrbishment: 208 ReTrak

RMC has been successfully upgrading traditional wood track with steel track for 20 years, which improves the ride experience and dramatically reduces maintenance. The new 208 ReTraK is our latest innovation in track replacement and is based on our patented I-Box track system. This product lasts up to 5 times longer than traditional wood coaster track and eliminates the need for continuous inspection, repair, and replacement of track sections. Additionally, 208 ReTraK is able to utilize a ride’s existing trains, mechanical system, and controls. This delivers a smoother ride, reduced downtime, and improved wheel longevity at a reasonable price.

The custom 208 ReTraK is precision-manufactured utilizing RMC’s laser measurement system, CNC plasma cutting abilities, and patented semi-automated welding technology. 208 ReTraK is manufactured with premium grade weathered steel to match the existing coaster profile and installs seamlessly to existing structure.

This product can be installed as a small track upgrade in a troubled area of a coaster (smoothing out harsh ride sections), or even as a full coaster renovation. Simple track upgrades of 300’ or more can be installed throughout a ride and added onto year after year. We can also replace a complete circuit in an off season.

208 ReTraK is designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID. This product can be installed turnkey by RMC’s factory team or by the park with RMC providing onsite technical support.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents.

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  • Keeps the ride layout, trains, and aesthetic of the existing wood coaster
  • Eliminates constant wooden track maintenance
  • Fabricated with weathered steel and does not require paint
  • RMC can provide the entire track layout in one off-season or replace 300 foot sections at a time over years
  • Implementation of newly designed splice blocks simplifies marrying joints in the field

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