Fire In The Hole


With fire brigade-like trains that call to volunteers to join in the twisting and turning journey catching the bad guys and saving the citizens, the ride’s storyline is based on the real-life town of Marmaros that was set ablaze by the infamous gang of Baldknobbers. Onboard you’ll meet townsfolk like Red Flanders wearing only his signature red long johns at the hotel or the tavern owner making a hasty getaway out the swinging front doors. And, along the way you’ll catch glimpses of the notorious Baldknobbers causing all the trouble. Not to mention, traveling over the burning Kinney Bridge or nearly getting hit by the train coming down the tracks before dropping through a splash down all in an effort to extinguish the flames!

Tech Data

Ride Type: I-Box

Lift Type: Direct Drive

Length: 1530′

Height: 50′


Speed: MPH

Inversions: 0