About Us

Award Winning Design

RMC’s patented track designs have completely revolutionized what a modern roller coaster is capable of. The overwhelmingly positive reception of our signature product, the I-Box track, has allowed RMC to further innovate with our Raptor and 208 ReTraK designs. All of our track is fabricated with steel plate and does not require any bending during production. This gives RMC much greater manufacturing precision and results in some of the smoothest rides available anywhere in the world.

Distinctive Ride Layouts

An experience on an RMC coaster is unmistakably unique and feels unlike anything else on the market. A large contributor to this uniqueness is from our coaster design philosophy itself. From the very beginning, we have been designing and remodeling coasters to create amusement works of art. With RMC, there are no restrictions on how a coaster looks and feels. We are capable of designing everything from a family coaster to a record-breaking thrill machine, and we can do so introducing world-first experiences and ride sensations every step along the way

Unparalleled Value

Producing our products in-house doesn’t only expedite our design and fabrication timeline. With such oversight company-wide, RMC is able to minimize costs and pass those savings on to our clients. We understand that every
park investment is unique and pride ourselves at keeping costs both low and transparent. Working with RMC doesn’t only result in a fantastic product; it also comes at a fantastic price.

Turnkey Solutions

RMC is capable of transforming an old wood coaster into a crowd-pleasing steel hybrid in a single off-season. We have successfully opened both new and existing coasters with less than a year turnaround and have never missed a ride opening date. Additionally, our fabrication shops operate in two shifts. This gives RMC the unique capability to ramp up production quickly and efficiently when needed.

Vertical Integration

Over 90% of RMC’s products are produced in-house. This gives our team an industry-unrivalled transparency during the procurement process- whether that is assembling trains, painting structure, or installing coaster track.

A Word From Our FOUNDER

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