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An experience on an RMC coaster is unmistakably unique and feels unlike anything else on the market. A large contributor to this uniqueness stems from our coaster design philosophy itself. From the very beginning, we have been designing and remodeling roller coasters to create amusement works of art. With RMC, there are no restrictions on how an attraction looks and feels. We are capable of designing everything from a family coaster to a record-breaking thrill machine, and we can do so introducing world-first experiences and ride sensations every step along the way.

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With the many different products and services we offer, there is always a way to make your attraction completely unique.  Please inquire about customization options for any existing ride platform to best suit your specific needs and vision.  We are also happy to consider partnering to create an entirely new type of attraction, or even take something classic and improve the operation and aesthetics to best suit you and your team.

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Whether you run an amusement park, water park, family entertainment center, zoo, or any other venue, we are here to make your guests’ experience fun, exciting, and truly memorable! Check out our expanded portfolio below.

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Even though RMC is based in the somewhat small town of Hayden, Idaho, we are globally recognized as one of the industry’s premier roller coaster and amusement ride manufacturers. We have record breaking attractions located all across the globe, including the USA, Mexico, Europe, and even in Japan. RMC offers all facets of design and construction, including site surveying, engineering, fabrication, site shipments, and optional full-service installation.